Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Dress (4) - SPOILERS

Tried on one last batch of wedding dresses this past weekend and I can safely say I no longer feel the need to shop. If the Truvelle dress doesn't work out I know what dress I'll be wearing down the aisle, so that's a good feeling.

Now that I've ruled everything else out, I can show you the runner ups. ;)
Left: Theia crepe petal gown, Center: Nicole Miller Satin Gown, Right: Wtoo Bridal Camilla
 For my first experience I chose Novelle. They have a great selection of bridal gowns I would label as 'non-traditional' and I tried on a lot of beautiful sheath gowns and one awesome ball gown. If I were getting married in the winter I would have totally chosen the taupe ball gown on the right. It looked gorgeous, but something about it I felt better suited the colder months. I also loved the 'petal gown' on the left which suited my aesthetic beautifully, and felt like PJ's. Serious. It was so comfy and easy to wear. Unfortunately, it's lack of structure was ultimately less flattering than other gowns I tried. The center gown was almost immediately regarded as a failure, but in pictures I actually like it. Turns out it's not dissimilar from what I ended up with... 

Left: Scoop neck taffetta gown by Davids Bridal, Right: White by Vera Wang for Davids Bridal
 My second experience was at Davids Bridal. Not the best time there, despite the sticker shock (the good kind, like whoa, this dress costs $400). Surprisingly, not a lot of the dresses I liked were even close to my size and some I couldn't even try on.  That being said, I really loved the dress on the left and  hell, it was a major contender! In fact, If I randomly decide I need a second dress this one is cheap enough to fit the bill... I have always loved Vera Wang and I did love the look of her gown (on the right) but the quality of the White by Vera Wang line left a lot to be desired (fabric was rough and stiff) and I didn't feel comfortable in it at all.
Middle: Hailey Page Carrie, Right: Bianca by Lillen
 Our third shop met with a lot of success. Delica was originally my first choice shop, but when I learned they no longer carried a designer I wanted to try (California's, Sarah Seven) I was kinda devastated and ended up leaving them for third. The dresses were the most expensive I had the pleasure of trying on, and I loved the quality of the designs. My favorite on was the one on the far right by Lillen, made of the most beautiful dupioni silk. The middle gown was also a fav,  a Hailey Page design.

 I had been referred by a friend to ABC bridal, and we stopped there after work one day since it's so close by. They have what seems like a huge selection of dresses, but I found they all seemed like variations on the same styles. I didn't want to try on any more fit and flares at this point, but I found the ballgowns to be too cumbersome and what the hell was going on with the busts? AMIRITE?

My last, and most successful stop ended up being The Bridal and Tuxedo House. I had never really considered them a contender, but my mum and I made an appointment anyway. By far the largest store we visited and the busiest,  they had a really great selection of couture designs and simpler fair. A huge range of price points, and the promise of a free suit rental should I purchase my gown from them. The poor bridal consultant could never have guessed the dress I ended up loving. She followed my confused specifications perfectly and I tried on several beautiful dresses pictured above. My favorite, the one on the left. I have a huge soft spot for coloured sashes and sleeves. We didn't end up being fans however of the straight seem just under my midsection. The center gown was too formal, and the third gown was MASSIVE. Haha.

Here's a sneak peak of my fav:
It's satin and LOOK HOW IT DRAPES. Plus, there are pockets. <3


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    1. I love that you have shared your gown hunt with us. I can't wait to see the final choice on your wedding day. I am positive it will be the perfect dress!!!