Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Decor Inspiration

I keep making these things. I don't know what to call them, inspiration boards? Wishful thinking? Mood boards? Every couple weeks I make a new one and throw the old one out. ;) In any case, here are my current 'inspiration boards' for the ceremony and reception.

With the ceremony site having been chosen, I've included a couple pictures of the barn as well as some inspiration.
  • For the alter, some kind of vintage dresser or side board. I love the look of all the drawers open and filled with flowers! 
  • I definitely want to display pictures from my parents wedding, and my in-laws wedding! Nick and I both come from long, successful marriages and we want to celebrate and honor that history. 
  • Pinatas. I love them. Outdoor wedding? Great excuse to break something with a stick. 
  • Lemonade! 
  • Vintage mismatched seating is a dream of mine. 
  • I got the idea to string a laundry line with lace hanging from it to block the guests view of the 'aisle'. A big reveal is a must for those of us with a flair for the dramatic.
  • I want to incorporate gold into the whole day and a great way is through sparkly wands! Haha. That sounds weird? I'm thinking they wave them in the air during the recessional in lieu of messy confetti.  
For the reception:
  • A cheese wheel 'cake'. I have always loved this idea, and Nicks family are crazy about cheese so I think it will be a hit. 
  • Sparkly dessert table. 
  • Simple cocktail table covers that look romantic and classy.
  • A board game station! 
  • Gold streamers! 
  • Nick and I came up with the idea of displaying romantic comic book art as an homage to his geekery. 
  • Himmelli chandeliers (in gold of course).
  • One idea we've been bouncing around is that of a DIY photobooth strip kinda like the Halloween version seen above. We really want to incorporate a photobooth, but they're quite expensive to rent.

Obviously these ideas are still evolving! We'll see more in January when we speak with our decorator! 

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