Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Updates and Purchases: 2

 This past weekend was a very productive wedding errand weekend! First, Nick and I took a trip to the Amedeo Exclusive shop in City Center Mall to order Nicks custom, made to measure suit and dress shirt. Guy is tall and all legs so I really wanted him to have something custom. Above you will find my colour choices! Hazahh! Light grey for the vest, and dark grey for the suit. Shirts will be white. Nick is planning on going back with his boys to get matching custom vests created.

 Next stop, Micheal Hill where we picked out my wedding band! This has been weighing on me heavily for months as I waffled between designers and alternative bands, but in the end, this was one purchase I just couldn't make online. I really needed to see the ring with my engagement ring. Micheal Hill had this sweet little half eternity band, with a fan configuration that nestled right up against the curve of the pear center stone. I love it.
 Sunday and Monday carried over my enthusiasm and sense of productivity and I ended up working on some other little wedding projects! My mum and I elected to do all of our florals for the bridal party in silks so that they can be assembled ahead of time, and I put together some boutonnieres using some greenery and baby's breath type buds from Micheals, some pink paper roses from Carmelos on Etsy, and some feather flowers from Petershams on Etsy.
 Nicks not a flower guy so he really likes the feather flower. He even requested that I add some gold pips (also from Petershams) to the center of the feathers. This will be his boutonniere, and the pink flower will be for the groomsmen. I used my custom stamped ribbon (it says Kait & Nick) to wrap the groomsmen boutonnieres, and I'll be using the "I Love You" Ribbon to wrap Nicks. The ribbons are from The Lonely Heart on Etsy.

Below you will see an assembled bridesmaid bouquet! These were super easy, my mum and I decided on a central flower and then bought one bunch of greenery for each bouquet. I just wrapped them together! I think I'll let the girls decide on their own ribbon since I am spoiled for choices (read, have a custom ribbon obsession).
 The last project of the weekend was to make a few small adjustments to my wedding favors! Each person can look forward to taking home a little ribbon wand or flag after the ceremony. I can't wait to see these guys waving at us from down the aisle! The only adjustment I had to make to these after receiving them from Larkspur and Linen on Etsy, was to add some gold sequins to half of the ribbon wands. I just wanted a little sparkle.
 Still left to do:



Not kidding.

  • Bridal bouquet 
  • More groomsmen boutonnieres 
  • Corsages
  • Bridesmaids bouquets
  • Programs
    • Print
    • Assemble
  • Pick up another berry basket for the programs 
  • Print applicable signage and find frames 
  • Build and decorate last pinata (so far I've finished two and purchased one!) 
  • Chalkboard signage for reception 
  • Delegate and make sure all other tasks are done! These include: 
    • Wooden wedding signage (for directing guests driving to the ceremony) 
    • Building Photobooth 
    • Dip dyed table runners
    • Baking for Ceremony refreshment table 

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