Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Two Months

Where the heck did that mysterious three months update go? Well, my guess is it went the same way as our 3 month mark. Way too fast. As a recap:

So far we have:

  • Hired our photographer,
  • Put a deposit on the venue,
  • Done our engagement photos,
  • Launched our wedding website,
  • Registered for gifts, UPDATE: It was expressed by my relatives that a cash online registry and a request not to bring gifts to the shower is just not gonna cut it so I did a hasty registry at The Bay. It was kinda awesome in that I was able to do it all online and within an hour.
  • Chosen our officient,
  • Ordered my wedding dress
  • Purchased three out of four of my bridesmaids dresses and much of the accessories, 
  • Purchased/collected a few decor items, and the beginning of what shall be my bridesmaids gifts. I can update this point now to say that I purchased additional decor items and I've now purchased all of my bridesmaid gifts!
  • Met with our decorator/coordinator at the reception venue to discuss available decor, rentals, theme and colour, etc.
  •  Printing has begun on our invitations! My goal is to send them all out in the next couple of weeks. UPDATE: Invites are now all mailed out and hopefully will be in the hands of our guests soon if not already. There's still a few people who we plan on handing an invite to if we see them. The thing I was most dreading, collecting mailing addresses, turned out to be easy with the help of my mother in law and my mum!
  • Hired a wedding band. Last month I mentioned our musicians fell through, now things look all fixed again. Nick and I had the privilege to go and listen to a performance at a local pup and we happily decided shortly after.UPDATE: Signed the contract and provided the band with five requests. We also decided on our first dance song, and separated the bands song list into please and please don't play.
  • Received a quote from our baker on a price per guest for dessert. UPDATE: Nope. No update. HAHA. I've heard a lot of great things about the Yellowhead brewery but I am a little frustrated that we're two months out now and haven't settled on the food. 
  • I am pleased to say that I have secured chairs for the ceremony, this was a hugely satisfying step in that no matter what happens we pretty much have a wedding now (dress, officiant, place for people to plant their butts).
  • DIYS: Since my last update we have completed one of the two DIYS (attributed to me) in the form of our awesome pinatas. It might be fair to note that I made two and bought one. Haha.
  • Ordered Nicks suit. Nick is a super tall guy and all legs so we ordered him a custom made to measure suit from Amedeo Exclusive in City Center Mall. They threw in a discount off the dress shirt so we also purchased that.
  • Purchased all of our flowers. After much wiffle and waffling we went with silk flowers and I'm already pretty excited. My mum helped me make this decision and the actual flower choices. When we put together the bridal bouquet (loosely) I actually got teary eyed.
  • We purchased the Wedding Guard policy through PAL Insurance Canada. It was important to us to have liability insurance for our ceremony since we're not hosting it at a traditional venue.
  • Purchased my wedding band! 
  • Began dress fittings! This was the most awesome experience of ever. Honestly. It was so so much fun to be in the dress again, and to start to see it taking shape (the shape of my body in fact). I was also able to add some customizations to the dress that will make it feel more unique to me, which is a thing I like. ;) 
  • Booked our Honeymoon! After a little bit of drama (never good, but it happens) we were able to book The Clark House at the Fairholm in in historic Charlottetown PEI. Couldn't be happier.
The boutonnieres I'm working on! You might have just seen this pic in the previous post, but this time it's in black and white! Be amazed!
 Next Steps:

  • Meet with our baker. We have a quote, now we need to work on finalizing a list of confections. 
  • DIYS: Still left in my wheelhouse, programs. They'll be tedious to print and assemble I'm sure but they'll be awesome when they're finished! I've gotten a lot of compliments on my prototype. ;)
  • I also have one more pinata to make BTW. PINATAS FOR EVERYONE.
  • Left for Nicks outfit: Shoes and a tie.
  • Assemble Bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages and bridesmaid bouquets.
  • Purchase marriage license. 
  • Purchase Nicks wedding band.
  • Baking for the ceremony munchies 
  • Signage (this covers a lot, haha). 
  • Decide on Day of Coordination. 
  • Start beautification (of me) including:
    • light therapy for my acne scars
    • spray tan 
    • my last cut and colour
    • booking my mani-pedi
    • booking of hair and makeup for the day
Wow, you don't really realize it until you type it all up, but that list of "So Far we've..." Has gotten a lot longer and my "Next Steps" list has shrunk dramatically! Man, that's a pretty good feeling. I'm very much looking forward to completing everything and enjoying our fabulous day, but in the meantime shrinking to do lists keeps the stress at bay pretty well. 

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