Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Being that we're holding our wedding ceremony on a family property and not in a traditional venue, we felt it would be mandatory for us to purchase wedding insurance. I struggled for a few weeks on how to go about this.

All of our insurance, excepting only my life insurance which is through work, is currently bundled with Nicks car insurance (I don't drive). Therefore, I have never before had to find an insurance broker or research such things.

First, I asked Nick if we could get wedding insurance through his current provider. He complained they don't open policies via email or phone, so we would have to make a trip to their office on the other side of town. I decided to research other options.

Fast forward to the other day when I'm combing through my emails looking for a specific message, cleaning things up as I go with that handy delete button. I came across an email that had been sent to me after the Bridal Show in the fall from PAL Insurance Canada. They have a wedding insurance plan, called Wedding Guard,  designed specifically for that purpose that you can choose, file, and pay for all on the website in less then fifteen minutes. Done and done. We're now covered in case of cancellation, failed services from any of our vendors, and of course we receive the all important liability insurance we needed to host our own party.

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  1. First of all, congratulations on you upcoming wedding! What you did was a good decision, to lessen the risks on your wedding. What's even better is that you have several insurance plans at your disposal. Those would certainly help you in times of need. It's great that you've shielded yourself from the unknown through them, and I hope more people follow you in planning for the future early. Thanks for sharing!

    Stacey Neal @ Romero Insurance