Friday, 28 February 2014

Look Book 1

Of course when it comes to wedding things I love to mull over it must always come back to what I'll be wearing. Haha. I don't want to give anything away on the dress, but here's a sneak peak as to what I'm thinking about/planning/constantly changing my mind over -- for the rest of my wedding day look.

I've been really inspired by this hair pic, those beachy curls? Those look just like my curls. I really wanted to incorporate some kind of braid in my bridal hair and this picture really made me think about how it doesn't need to be complicated, it can be simple and elegant and beachy and look. just. right.

To dangle or not to dangle? That is the question. I keep going back and forth on what kind of earrings I want to wear. I love love love the green colour of these sapphire studs by favorite designer LexLux, and I love how the shape matches my actual engagement ring, but I am a little afraid no ones going to get to see my expensive earrings if they're not dangly. That being said, I'm definitely wearing a necklace so it would probably be best to keep things simple.

At the bottom of this inspiration collage you'll see a few examples of rings I'm considering as my wedding band. My engagement ring is pear cut, like in the bottom left pic, and I'm really digging the look of the curved wedding band with the pear cut engagement ring. It's kinda modern and fun no?

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