Friday, 3 January 2014

6 Months

And two weeks, but who's counting. ;)

This new year is special and exciting, for the next six months we'll be fully immersed in wedding planning (and puppy rearing), then the day where it all comes together (or doesn't, whatevs) and then the next 5 and a half months will be spent honeymooning and hopefully decompressing from all the excitement. Seriously, I'm planning for a very relaxed second half of 2014. Best laid plans right?

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With the planning getting serious, I've decided to share a list of To-Do's each month until the day off. Keeping me honest right?

So far we have:
  • Hired our photographer,
  • Put a deposit on the venue,
  • Done our engagement photos,
  • Launched our wedding website,
  • Registered for gifts,
  • Chosen our officient,
  • Ordered my wedding dress (!),
  • Purchased three out of four of my bridesmaids dresses and much of the accessories, 
  • And purchased/collected a few decor items, and the beginning of what shall be my bridesmaids gifts.
This month (January 2014) we must:
  • Meet with our decorator/coordinator at the reception venue to discuss available decor, rentals, theme and colour, etc. 
  • Meet with our baker to discuss menu options, 
  • Finally decide if we want the videographer (I'm leaning yes, he's leaning no). If we decide yes, book that sucker. 
  • Cement our seemingly ever changing guest list! 
  • Get out the rest of those save the dates! So far we've only handed them out in person. 
  • Collect mailing addresses of guests. 
  • Price out Invitations (I've designed our invites, but we'll need to price out printing and mailing options), 
  • Research musicians and ...
  • transportation.
  •  Look into hotel options for out of town guests (June is wedding season so it doesn't hurt to book these things early).

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