Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Dress (Part 1)

Well, I promised to show pictures, so here they are!

When I was in Seattle with Nick I was privileged enough to attend a BHLDN trunk show at the Bellevue Anthropologie. The ladies were super nice and never even asked me why I didn't have an engagement ring. Haha. If only I had known at the time I would be getting engaged officially the VERY NEXT DAY.

I tried on quite a few dresses, and one of the ladies was nice enough to take pictures for me. Unfortunately the largest sample size they had was a ten so I had to squish into some of the dresses, but these three fit me pretty well!
Dress one is the Flamenca gown, dress two is the Cascading Goddess, and dress three is the Rosecliff gown. Dress one has always been my favorite online for some reason, and magically, it was also my favorite in person! I love the floaty cap sleeves, and the mini ruffle train gives what is a fairly casual dress that little bit of wedding appropriateness. It's remarkably well priced, AND I think I could dye the top layer and wear it again! Haha. I'm pretty sold on that one, now the question is whether I need more then one dress... ;p

It was hard to try on dresses without my mum and sister there, so I'm excited to try more on in Edmonton!

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