Wednesday, 15 May 2013

First Bridal Appointment

I am soo soo stoked to get to post about my first bridal appointment!

As many might know (either from me talking non-stop about it, or taking a casual glance at my pinterest), I'm kinda obsessed with bridal boutique BHLDN owned by Anthropologie. The gowns are unique and different, come in many gorgeous styles, and are almost all within my price range. Hello.

The only problem with BHLDN is that the gowns are carried only in their brick and mortar shops, and online. Being that their two locations are in Chicago and Texas, I knew from the start if I was going to walk down the aisle in BHLDN it would be because I had the cinchonas to order my bridal gown online. That's a big deal. I do a lot of shopping on the web but even I am not that brave. The only other option would be a girls weekend in Chicago which would add to the wedding budget.

Well Nick and I have been planning a trip to Seattle in June for my birthday and our dating anniversary, and lo and behold BHLDN makes an announcement they're doing a series of trunk shows across the states as they prepare to open a third location. I casually check out the trunk show dates and OMG Seattle, June 3rd and 4th!

Needless to say I am freaking out at this point. I email Nick and ask if it's OK if I hijack our vacation for one itsy bitsy bridal appointment, and he's all "Ya, I don't see why not", and I'm giddy because apparently not being engaged yet is not a reason to not try on bridal gowns. After telling him "babe, you made my day" I proceeded to nervously book a time block during the second day of the trunk show.

All I can say now is I am INSANELY excited, but just a little (read, a lot) nervous about attending my first appointment alone (Nicks not actually keen on coming with me to the thing) and most notably without my sister or mum. The point of the whole thing is mostly to try on the dresses and decide if any of them will be flattering, or look half as lovely as they do on the models. The point is not to come home with a dress. However, if I fall in love with one I may certainly purchase it online at some point in the future.

I know it's still early, and no, we're not engaged yet, but this is the first time my pre-planning has led to something concrete and it certainly makes things just a little more real. I told Nick, "don't let me embarrass myself by going in there with no ring", so hopefully he can get this whole proposal thing together sometime in the next three weeks...

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