Tuesday, 25 March 2014

4 Months

Wedding Planning Update. 

So far we have:
  • Hired our photographer,
  • Put a deposit on the venue,
  • Done our engagement photos,
  • Launched our wedding website,
  • Registered for gifts,
  • Chosen our officient,
  • Ordered my wedding dress (!)
  • Purchased three out of four of my bridesmaids dresses and much of the accessories, 
  • Purchased/collected a few decor items, and the beginning of what shall be my bridesmaids gifts. I can update this point now to say that I purchased additional decor items (I think our centerpieces are starting to come into focus) and I've now purchased all of my bridesmaid gifts!
  • Met with our decorator/coordinator at the reception venue to discuss available decor, rentals, theme and colour, etc.
  • Finally decide if we want the videographer (I'm leaning yes, he's leaning no). If we decide yes, book that sucker.  Nick won this one. We won't be hiring an official videographer, but we will be asking some of our friends to help by filming during the day, we'll also be purchasing a go-pro camera to record the ceremony in glorious HD.
  • Cemented our seemingly ever changing guest list. We decided to have a few "maybe" guests, so we basically have a cemented "Definitely" list, plus a few people who we are hoping to try and get together with before we have to send out invites. We have some people we haven't seen in a long time but would like to have them attend, but we made a rule, no one who we haven't seen in over six months.
  •  Priced out Invitations Printing has begun on our invitations! My goal is to send them all out in the next couple of weeks.
  • Hired a wedding band. Last months I mentioned our musicians fell through, now things look all fixed again. Nick and I had the privilege to go and listen to a performance at a local pup and we happily decided shortly after.
  • Received a quote from our baker on a price per guest for dessert. 
One of many paper designs I've been working on.

Next Steps:
  • Collect mailing addresses of guests.I think I'm going to break our list down into three and have my mum's help out with this task since making phone calls is about my least favorite thing.
  • Meet with our baker. We have a quote, now we need to work on finalizing a list of confections. 
  • Reserve chairs for the ceremony.This week I started getting quotes for chairs and am currently waffling between two chair options. I was pretty set on 'limewash' chivari chairs but the seat cushions they come with are kinda ghastly. SO either we choose a less ornate chair or we just hope every last person RSVP's yes and we don't have to look at any seat cushions.
  • Finish centerpiece design. 
  • Start on DIYS! I have three main DIY's to complete for the day, we're building a photo booth out of PVC, I have to construct three pinatas for the ceremony, and I'm printing the wedding programs at home and they require a lot of tedious assembling. My plan is to schedule a DIY day with my ladies as soon as my paper comes in for the programs, and the pinatas will be next. The photobooth is up to the boys, but I'll do some prompting I'm sure. 
  • Take the guys to the mall. Haha, or they will never get their outfits sorted out. 
  • Decide on flower options. I can't for the life of me decide whether to purchase flowers the day before from the supermarket or order paper flowers from Poland (or be ambitious and learn to make them myself). Why is this so hard? I think I'm leaning towards paper just so I can get them done in advance.
  • Purchase wedding insurance. 
  • Purchase marriage license. 
  • Purchase wedding rings. 
  • Begin dress fittings! 

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