Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Barn

In August Nicks parents moved to a property just outside of town, a two-ish acre almost rural home with an adorable barn and a huge field.

It's always been our dream to have an outside ceremony and honestly, they can get quite pricey unless you have a friend of a friend or family member with the perfect property they're willing to offer up cheaply.  We are so excited to change gears a little from our evening only brewery wedding, and start planning our ceremony at the barn.

There's still a few logistics to work out, but we're really considering this possibility and we're loving the idea! Some things to consider:
  • is there sufficient plumbing for fifty people who suddenly all wanna pee? 
  • is there parking for everyone? Will we need to arrange transportation between venues? 
  • are there any permits we will have to aquire? 
Not sure what else, but I can't wait to consult with a wedding planner on this subject. Any insights in the community?

Below are the pics of the actual ceremony location. I chose this side of the barn because the field has enough room for chairs, but also leads to the house and disappears behind some trees, so I'll have a covered 'aisle' to approach from (you can see the trees from the first B&W pic above). 
And a lightly photoshoped mock up of the sight for imagination purposes. ;)

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