Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Ring

So I finally got to take some pretty pictures with my real camera of my engagement ring! I'm more than a little excited about it.


Nick purchased the ring from Spence Diamonds and let me tell you, I had continually told him that I wanted him to get me something from Etsy, specifically designer Alexis Russell, but he turned out to be a traditionalist and went to Spence.

He did a great job picking it out though, a really great job. He incorporated my desire for a pear shape center stone, and he even got me one with sparkly diamonds on the sides. In the light, it's kinda blinding. I think for the wedding band we'll go with something from Alexis Russel to incorporate more of my style.

It turns out that the engagement ring itself was my first lesson in marriage. Sometimes when you make a compromise with your spouse you get something even better then what you imagined. Better because it represents both of you.

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