Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Dress (Part 2)

So gown shopping at actual bridal salons is pretty much the most fun thing ever.

I kind of missed out on the perfect experience in Seattle (since my family was so far away), so I decided that even though I could happily buy my chosen BHLDN gown whenever I chose, I wouldn't be satisfied until I had experienced bridal shopping with the people who were closest to me.

I made an appointment for myself at Novelle Bridal shop, since they carried a line I was interested in, Theia White. My parents and sister picked me up from work and all of us headed over there to see if anything could compare to the dress I already had in mind!

After trying on about 14 dresses, I narrowed them down to my favorite three!
The Theia petal gown, a swirly Wtoo gown (the furthest departure for me from what I had previously tried on, a ball gown!), and a very slinky sexy Nicole Miller gown!

I have to keep reminding myself to forget what bridal culture and the wedding industry has been pushing down my throat since devising the brilliant idea to create a reality show around buying a wedding dress. There is no one gown.

There are many gowns.

In fact, I also tried on a lace gown and tea length gown that I could also have easily said 'yes' to. In all FIVE of these gowns I could picture myself getting married, walking down the isle, and saying I do!

The biggest difference between them each was; what kind of event am I throwing? I had to remind myself that I wasn't throwing an elaborate black tie affair, and so probably wouldn't require that illustrious beaded mermaid. In the tea length dress I felt oddly childish -- not the feeling I wanted to have in my dress. And in the lace dress, oddly traditional! I wasn't interested in looking super traditional so I decided no on the beautiful lace gown even though the sample fit me like a glove and I was smitten with the silvery lining material.

The feeling that caused me the most joy came from the dresses that made me feel like a fairy princess.

I kept picturing my indoor garden/industrial wedding with twinkling lights and lush greenery and here comes the bride looking like a gorram fairy princess with a dress made of delicate glistening petals and a floral crown fit for a queen.

The BHLDN gown also fits this vision, and the Nicole Miller.

I have a lot to think about, but I'm also reminding myself that no matter what I pick I will look absolutely knock out stunning on my wedding day (I'm reminded of my friend Ashlee who recently looked drop dead gorgeous times a million on her amazing day!).

Anyway, life lesson learned, the dress is not as crucially important and hard to find as I once imagined it would be! 

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